If you’d ask the little girl in me, she would describe me as a ballerina with an enormous love for horses, a faible for polo and a passion for fashion. 

In fact the interest in beautiful cloths started in my very early years.

My mom used to patch fabric hearts onto my worn jeans. At the time, I definitely struggled matching my “bcbg” style taste (and I’m not referring to Max Azria’s clothing line) with this look. But having a somehow visionary boho-fashion mom made me discover that fashion is creativity and art. But from this revelation to its actual realization, there was yet a long way to go. 

After college, I decided to get a master in psychology. I hooked myself up with a job as a psychological counsellor spending quite some years trying to understand human complexity. Meanwhile my relationship with my much beloved fashion world was still nothing else but platonic, nurtured by daydreaming over my Vogue-Cosmos (yes, I have a 15 years Vogue collection that I try to fit into my apartment). Truth is, at some point my universe of high gloss fashion pages pushed me to admit that I knew more famous fashion designers than renowned psychiatrists. 

Ergo I went back to school, eager to master the techniques of pattern making and garment construction, to get a glimpse of some haute couture secrets and to peek into the art of sewing. Along with my first fashion degree, the fascination for the métiers d’art and the desire to extend my knowledge in some more specific areas grew. I therefore regularly work on finetuning my creative skills with the help of the expertise of highly qualified professionals (the Lesage House in Paris, Yoh Atelier in Zurich, etc.).

The results of this voyage are quite a few skirts, a wonderful ball gown, a few tops but mainly clutch bags.